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Visit our secure On-line Pure Beauty Centre for your Pure Fiji and  Dr. Hauschka products.




Frequently Asked Questions


Is it expensive?

What value do you place on your wellbeing? Looking after yourself by having regular relaxing and de-stressing treatments shows in a glowing skin and a healthy state of mind and body. This is very important in our ever stressful and busy world. Heaven Sent saves you travelling cost and time. Another effective way to keep the stress factor down.

But I don’t know the Therapist...

Mutual trust is important for a personal and professional service. Heaven Sent will be offering presentations so you can meet the Therapist who will look after you.

Is the Therapist qualified?

It is important that the Therapist working with you has been trained and has attained a licence to practice. Heaven Sent Therapists are fully qualified.

What about Insurance?

Heaven Sent is fully covered for workers compensation and professional indemnity.

What about the hygiene factor?

There are strict rules for hygiene in the beauty profession. Heaven Sent uses sterilising products and procedures that work efficiently to ensure the cleanliness of equipment and linen.

Towels and sheets are fresh for every client. Equipment, such as manicure and pedicure implements, is soaked in Hospital Grade disinfectant immediately after use.

It feels frivolous….

If you feel that you look your best then you will undoubtedly give your best...this is a genuine ideal. The skin is an important organ of the body, and like our internal organs, it demands to be maintained in a healthy way. Massage also has been proven to reduce the effects of stress. When the stress levels in your body are lessened then the likelihood of contracting an illness is also reduced considerably.

When are treatments available?

The time of your treatment is your choice. Treatments are available from 8.30 am until late. Heaven Sent appointment times aim to fit in with your needs

  Visit our secure  On-line Pure Beauty Centre for your Pure Fiji and Dr. Hauschka products:



Heaven Sent's service is now available at discerning Hotels and Guest Houses. Ask about Heaven Sent when you book your accommodation.


Heaven Sent is based in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW Australia

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